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Having more than 40 years of par excellence with a profound and authoritative command on SSB’s Psychology.

I have authored four books while doing 10 months Sadhana on the bank of Gomti river beside Khatu Ram Shani Mandir and further authored 4 more books with a rigorous struggle in two years of my Agyatvaas.I have produced thousands officers having taught in Cantt, Sainik School and at my own organization. I do possess profound command to find out that how a candidate is bounced from the SSB? and how can he get through?

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J.B. Mall - (Director)

Psychologist & Author.

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Brig. B.C. Pathak - SSB Panel

Brig. B.C. Pathak-3 years of experience as a president of the board at 11th ssb Allahabad.

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Col. S.S. Bakshi - SSB Panel

Col. S.S. Bakshi-Ex senior GTO of Allahabad SSB who is highly skilled in his work and experienced associated.

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Col. Ashish Sharma - SSB Panel

Col. Ashish Sharma(Retd.) Deputy President 21 SSB, Bhopal & Deputy President 31 SSB, Kapurthala..

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Col SP Singh - Ex GTO SSB, Allahabad, Bhopal & Bangalore

Has tested approx 15000 candidates during his tenure of 10 years in 3 SSBs, Bangalore, Allahabad and Bhopal.

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Lt Col Ramendra Singh - Alumni IIM Lucknow

Guided and motivated many serving personnel to appear for SSB Interview through various entries...

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JB Mall Psychologist and his team is not associated with any other coaching.