About BRIG. B.C Pathak

BRIG. B.C Pathak

I served as the president of services selection center at 11 SSB Allahabad for three years and my tenure was since 1985 to 1988. Prior to this assignment I was chief engineer in 33 corps of the Indian army for the period of three years . Further I was assigned a reputed deployment as an additional engineer at central command Lucknow for two years duration , where I got my respectful retirement . Soon after the retirement the government of U.P designated me with an honorable assignment as managing director of U.P Sainik kalyan Nigam Lucknow and due to my fair and dedicated and honest working I served for a period of seven years.

Being a long duration as managing director again after getting the honorable retirement I started guiding , teaching the interview technique of SSB with Shekhar Academy now which has been recently renamed as J.B. Mall Defence Academy and still I am honorably associated and rendering my valuable services to the aspirants of SSB with this academy.