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It is the oldest institute of the north India WITH PAR EXCELLENCE. Earlier, it was established as Shekhar academy in 1973 at the rented house in E-151 Nirala nagar,Lucknow. Here, We got the gems in the form of colonel, lieutenant like xyz whom the student can meet in person whenever they visit the academy.they also clear the doubts of a novice.
Now the name has been changed from Shekhar academy to J B mall defence academy.
This organization has given thousands of officers to the armed forces. The practical approach of this organization makes the candidate understand about the demands of the armed forces, subsequently provides favourable atmosphere, guidance and well scheduled training to bring the candidate personality under the parameter of the armed forces. This academy has vast literature which is not available anywhere and the difference it creates in the country is that the psychologist of this academy has authored 8 books including the book on screening. This academy can darely say that since 1939 (when the system was revived) to till date no one has written so many books like he has and the uniqueness of it, is that the psychologist of this academy can diagnose and reveal how and why the student’s bouncing from the SSB.