For selection, there is huge difference between the preparation and the smart and serious preparation. To get into the commissioned cadre of the armed forces the system of selection requires a set parameter which demands 100% either from the heredity or from the environment or from the both. The Selection is based on the forecasting which includes three values:

1.Past Value
2.Present Value
3.Predictive Value

The past value may or may not be favorable. In case, if your past value is positive and progressive then strict or reschedule your present value (i.e. 10 to 14 hours of rescheduling) which includes clearing examinations, competitions, projects, research, professional or the higher studies, full or part time job so that predictive values can be predicted.

Under attending circumstances when your past value is haphazard either by mistake or due to the prevailed situation or may it be knowingly and unknowingly, whatever the conditions have been, Please admit it, confess it honestly and transparently. Here your past value can be remitted or excused. Now come to the present value, It should be quite strict, well-planned and should be designed in a smart way so it could be able to dash the selection of any kind being 90% to 100% under the parameter. Either you prepare your parameter or you come to me. I will design your parameter as I am not a Professional. However I am running selection cadre classes and providing high quality literature on required investment.

For your ready reference, I am affixing one parameter of army personnel who faced SSB after the gap of 9 years and had six flaws in his profile.

Case History of Raj Kumar, Education Havaldar for S.L. Commission recommended from SSB Bhopal
Sri Raj Kumar, defence personnel of Education Havaldar rank hails from VPO-Naraura, Tehsil Jalesar district Etawah, U.P.His father is Ex-Service personnel and did M.A in economics, Mother did High School and she was house wife. At present, father is looking after his agriculture. His younger brother is also an ex-service man and presently in business. Sister is B.A and married. He got remaining education form Agra. He scored 70% in high School and 74% in Intermediate. Up to High School he remained with Hindi medium but since intermediate he plunged with English but however reasonably his academic maintained. In B.Sc, his academic got deteriorated to 58%. Under cross questioning, he reveals that it happens because of his diversion into competitive examinations like CDS which he finally could not succeed.

For the decrease of percentage in B.Sc, he has to only confess before the interviewing officer that too in a transparent way like this, Sir! Sorry it was my fault and I could not use my required potential.

In 1996, when he took admission in M.Sc part one but in 1997, when he was in M.Sc final year, he got into army and could not complete the M.Sc. Since 1997 to before 2000, he didn’t undertake anything in academics.

Second confession,again he has to make before the interviewing officer for the downfall of percentage in M.A. that is to 43%.

After a big gap of 10 years, again he plunged into the academics and took admission in MBA correspondence course and secured 78% which was a maximum score of his academics since High School to till now.

Third confession, he has to make for a gap of 10 years since the year 2000 when he did his M.A in History as he didn’t undertake any interest in sports, games and extra co-curriculum activities.


This parameter doesn’t put any bar on your achievements due to your socio-economic background and your development history. Being a candidate from the middle class family, he has made the required and acceptable achievement in proportionate to the opportunities made available to him, under this parameter his candidature is acceptable provided he makes the confession to the occasion where he was confronted the gap or the downfall.


Twice his academic profile has been under the question mark (?). That is once in B.Sc and on the second occasion when he undertook M.A in history. On the both Occasion he has to confess for the decrease of his academic profile to balance the past value. For the purposes of selection these values are essentially required. Whereas the past value is concerned, it is absolutely based on the increasing graph most of the times come under the question mark (?) as the number of candidate have fluctuation in increase and the decrease in the academic graph.

Gentleman, the confession makes the decrease of the academic percent acceptable to decide the past value of the candidate. When his past value is accepted on the basis of confession then the interviewer would like to observe the present value. The present value includes your daily routine or systematically led down schedule which includes so many leadership qualities. When the present performance is progressive, enhancing and result oriented then the present value is or becomes acceptable.


The selection recommendation is based on forecasting system. This forecasting is based on predictive value. The Predictive value is always and every time depends on the past and the present value, this becomes the reason that SSB is only a recommending authority.See how this recommendation is made?

This candidate has done considerably well with the minimum opportunity made available to him. During academic or in past, he made losses due to wastage of time which he confessed. Now at recent, he is doing reasonably well. Therefore, past progressive achievement and present progressive performance are equal to your productive value or productive performance.


In the year 1990, he was the student of Jalandhar K.V. when studying in high school. In the year 1992, he was in K.V. Agra for 10+2 education. In the year 1993, he took admission in St John’s College Agra in B.Sc. Since 1990 to 93, in all the schools and the colleges wherever he had studied, he had all the opportunities and facilities but he could not land his interest and enthusiasm to the part with games, sport and extra co-curricular activities.

Acceptance, admission and the confession reveals the trainability and the trainability is the prime requirement of the selection. Therefore, Mr. Raj Kumar has to make the confession for his deprived participation in spite of his academics.

Now this will be his fourth confession. During the period of 1997 to 1999, he got recruited in the army and was posted in j & K soon after the training. Therefore, he could not undertake any other activities other than sports because of the climatic and the geographical conditions.

During the period of 2000 to 2009, again he could not undertake his interest in any of the activities other than sports. Therefore, he has to make the fifth confession.

Now this will be his final and fifth confession that he has to speak. Sir! Despite facilities I could not participate in any of the activities other than academics. For that I am again sorry and I am solely responsible.


Recommendation in the Officer cadre is not possible without imagination. Imagination means creativity, a new stroke to unknown, finding solution to a problem, finding options, alternatives etc. Now the question comes how to develop the imagination? It can be developed by curiosity, Interaction, collection and gathering of more information, it can be again developed by going beyond the obvious or beyond the situation. You can’t dash the solution of a situation at the same level on which it has been created. You have to go beyond the situation to bail it out and draw the solution.

What are wanted by the system is your span of the imagination and the depth of the imagination. Mr. Raj Kumar was serving in Army Education corps where he had all the facilities/opportunities to develop and cultivate the span and depth of the imagination. However, just for evaluation and to find out the level of imagination considering his exposure, I asked so many questions. My first question was whether NCC or the Military training should be compulsory or not? This question he interpreted well and his reasoning were acceptable. My second question was regarding ISIS, here I was also satisfied.

In the third question, I increased the level of question. The question was, what is and how many solutions can be for the Naxalites problem? I made persistent efforts to bring his answers at the right track. Even in his third attempt, he was not able to catch the right answers. Again I gave the hint and facilitated with the examples of Kashmir solution and encouraged him while saying, “One of my students, Major Jitendra Verma gave 22 solutions to the Kashmir problem.” These solutions were like this (I explained him all those solutions). After so many examples given by me as a hint or the package of encouragement then he caught the track of the right answers and after that he was able to open the box of his imagination while giving so many solutions.

I am not sure whatever the interviewing officers will give this much hint/ examples or not. However he has to work hard to develop his span and the depth of imagination.
Finally this candidate got recommended and has been posted after the completion of the training.



(Psychologist & author)